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My company is a startup. Will Digital Marketing help me penetrate faster into my chosen markets?

Rajesh / Hyderabad

Resounding YES! Startups can do a lot with Digital Marketing. It’s like a blessing for startups because if you look at 15-20 years ago, startups had no such option to leverage the social media. Today, your world is Google, your Facebook, Twitter, etc. Before the Google-era, startup used to spend a lot of money on marketing, but today you can reach a million people in a day by spending almost nothing!

Subhash Desai

Why I’m unable to generate any leads from my digital marketing activities?

Manoj kumar / Hyderabad

Typically, digital marketing activities take some time to generate leads, but having said that, leads depend on many factors – you messaging, positioning, designing and usage of keywords. More than anything else, it is the messaging that is the crux of digital marketing. When I say messaging, your headline, your first two sentences and the impactful photographs will determine success or failure of your campaign. Don’t ever imagine that just by learning 10 parts of Digital Marketing you will start generating revenues. Your copy is soul – make sure your copy is grammatically correct and attractive.

Subhash Desai

I have put all my efforts to make Digital Marketing click for my company, but somehow I’m not happy with the results. Please advise.

Kiran Yadav / Delhi

First and foremost, decide what you want. Do not do too many things. Start with Local SEO and organic SEO. Write new content pieces. Make your site user friendly and prominently position your CTA (call to action) buttons. Give things for free. Remember it is always what you give, will come back to you. So give what you think best will serve the needs of your visitors. Make sure what you give for free is really valuable.


Do I need to hire a digital marketing person to take care of my company’s digital needs?

Andrew Gillespie / Kansas

Not necessarily, there are a lot of digital marketing agencies who can help you with almost negligible cost. Markiverse is one. Try us out. It’s worth it. Enter the code 2015 and get a free pilot of digital marketing.


I’m in a restaurant business. What do I do differently in digital marketing?

Md Siraj / Mumbai

The restaurant business can benefit most from digital marketing. Local SEO is what helps for your business. Make sure your rating doesn’t go below 4. Clean up Zomato with good reviews. Do Foodie contests online – give the first 10 winners free. Second, do a Facebook live with your customers and publish. Third, give student and corporate membership points – adopt CCD module. Of course, publish ‘how to do’ video on social media, and see how it flies.

Subhash Desai

My restaurant is running low on customers. Will digital marketing help me get more customers?

Manjunath / Bangalore

Many people think that digital marketing is meant only for online traffic generation and conversion. That’s not true! You can convert your online traffic to offline business as well. What is more important is how you engage them online that can help you translate to your offline business. Building communities online is one such strategy most F&B players are doing today.

More people join your online community the better are the chances for them to refer your restaurant and help build the word spread. Recently we worked with a new restaurant owner who wanted to pull the online audience back into offline conversion. We ran a series of online programs prompting the audience into offline visits. Digital marketing works like a miracle when it comes to F&B. It requires persistence and new ideas to boost your offline business through online activity.

Subhash Desai

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