How startups can fix marketing instantly and start generating traction!

By: Subhash desai Posted On: 2017-10-10

John runs a high-end technology startup in Philadelphia and his technical team works on cutting-edge products that promise to solve the most complex problems of the financial world...

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Minimum Viable Marketing for Startups

By: Subhash Desai Posted On: 2017-04-05

Do you think launching products with minimum features makes a complete sense in this dog-eat-dog world? Well, you may think it actually depends! But if you look at startups that had burnt holes in their investors’ pockets in their quest to launch perfect products, you would realize that these overzealous companies went all the way to build complete features for their maiden product launches – only to find later that the market wasn’t ready for all the features!

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Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Startups Can Easily Avoid

By: Subhash Desai Posted On: 2015-11-02

The other day I chanced upon meeting a few venture-funded startup founders at a marquee event in Bengaluru, India, and sponsored by the likes of Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. As I was looking at the stalls decked up nicely by the companies to woo their prospective buyers, I saw a young man neatly dressed standing inside his 6x8 cubicle and beckoning me to have a look at what his firm had to offer.

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