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Copywriting is an art. With this art, if buying psychology is weaved, you will outsmart your competition and make it irrelevant. If you look at one big reason how companies in the past made a dent in the market, they used the power of words that their buyer could connect with easily. What makes copywriting difficult these days is the splurge of social media and along with it the changing behavior of your prospects and customers. While it is not easy to catch the attention of your users, it is not difficult either. We, at Markiverse, tried and tested many formulas that finally we could say we know what will work and what will not.

Copywriting is not about English and syntaxes, it is much more than that. First, your ability to know your customers. Second, your understanding your competition, which is the next big thing, and third, copywriting. Don’t even attempt to do anything with copywriting unless you are sure about the first two points. That has been our success mantra for our customers. If you are not sure about what your customers really want, we help you understand that first. We have a list of 10 questions that will help you get the answer.

At the heart of a sales or successful marketing campaign, a good copy is the underlying hero. People seem to confuse between content marketing with copywriting. We define content marketing as a content piece that moves, and a good copywriting skill makes that happen. Your content piece is stuck when people don’t discuss it, share it or like it or comment it. You need that skill and ability to make people engage with your content piece.

Our copywriting team, having worked with reputed agencies, magazines and newspapers, can weave a story that shakes up your audience.

At Markiverse, we do all kinds of writing – from corporate brochures to CEO speeches to advertising scripts to website content management to social media messaging – and we do a thorough job.

We don’t just write copies, but act as consultants as well. So the next time when you are stuck, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

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