Qualified Leads – The Fastest Way to Grow

Do you have enough qualified leads? Most companies spend a lot of time and money in promoting their products/services but just don’t get enough leads, leave alone qualified leads, to close. According to a survey, the Number 1 reason why businesses shut down is because of lack of qualified leads. They are like Angels to your organization. The more you have the faster your company grows. You may have a great product or a service, but if you don’t know how to generate qualified leads, you will always be at the losing end.

So, what exactly is a qualified lead? Markiverse defines qualified lead as a prospect who is a decision maker in your chosen market and has a need, budget and urgency to buy your product/service. Markiverse’s stringent criteria of evaluating leads is a huge factor that even the big brands, like Tata Communications Services, Tata Communications Transformation Services, Phoenix Business Consulting, work with us today.

Our Modus Operandi
Markiverse combines traditional and modern ways of generating and qualifying leads. The crux of the lead gen engine is building a storyline with the value props and business benefits.

Understanding the Target Market
The way we are different from the rest is that we spend a good time researching your “Target Market”. It is not just about identifying the markets, but it has more to do with understanding prospects’ problems and needs. And needs are mostly implicit. We unearth the implicit needs before we start any campaign. That’s how we help you save a lot of time and money by figuring out your prospects’ implicit needs.

Building Database
We don’t sell database. We build database based on the campaign we run. Our philosophy is that database building is both an art and a science because this is your live wire, your captive audience waiting for your product/services. Markiverse doesn’t believe in one-size-fit-for-all. Every business has its own needs. If your database is not in line with the business lines, the battle is already lost.

Content Assets
Content Assets are the life blood of a business. These are your proteins and enzymes! The more you have, the healthier your business becomes. So, what are content assets? Content assets are educational material your prospect can take away as a valuable item from you. It could be a PDF document on ‘How-to…” or “Why something is not working….” Your content assets can be videos, PDF document, PPT, et all. This is a gift you are giving to the person landing your page. Content assets make you a thought leader in the industry. People keep coming to your site because you have interesting content pieces that make their life.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing includes the following:

  • SEO
  • SEM or PPC
  • Email marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Social media optimization
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Design
  • Content writing
  • Landing Pages
All these put together becomes what is called a robust Digital Marketing strategy. Many companies don’t do all this. They think SEO and PPC constitute digital marketing. That’s the reason why they fail to generate leads.

We, at Markiverse, believe that the only measurement of campaigns is qualified leads. If your campaigns are not generating enough qualified leads, it is better to shut them down. Some of our clients say that they generate a good number of leads, but they don’t get converted. What does that mean? It simply means that there are “no qualified leads.” You might generate 1000 leads, but do they have the potential to close? Not until you put a qualifying metric in place.

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