Today, videos constitute the larger portion of any marketing spend. The reasons are obvious – a) videos carry an emotional aspect which other marketing initiatives cannot match b) videos convey messages that are succinct and direct c) videos demand action as they are powerful way to communicate and share with others d) videos are easy to appeal to intellect and emotions.

Many a time, Steve Jobs used to start his presentation with a short 30-second video to impress on his audience. When he got his audience into that emotional mood he was looking for, he would start his pitch. Successful business people usually adopt this “first-video-then-message” concept. This is nothing new, but what is novel is how to use right emotional chords that touch people.

Our video production team, having worked with reputed agencies and companies like Tech Mahindra, can do a prolific job in arresting the attention of your audience with a crystal-clear message. If you are sponsoring an event or demonstrating a ‘How-to’ kind of solutions, videos help register the message quickly in the minds of the people watching it. Our existing customers have been successful in not only getting the message out, but also generating more business

At Markiverse, we do all kinds of videos – from corporate videos to ‘how-to’ videos to ‘informarcials’ to educational to documentaries – and we do a thorough job.

We don’t just produce videos, but act as consultants as well. So the next time when you are stuck, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

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